About Doodlebugs

Hi and welcome! My name is Tara and I am the owner and collection curator of Doodlebugs. As mom of 3 kiddos, each with their own diagnosis and special needs, I have been through every meltdown and tantrum you can imagine. One of the most important things I learned while living through these with my kids is - it's easier to prevent them than stop them once they've started. So my mission began, I needed to learn and understand their triggers so I could help reduce or eliminate the stressor from their lives.

As I am sure you know, you can't just ask them because they themselves don't know or understand. One of the quickest and easiest to spot was the their clothes. They were made of itchy materials, some had scratchy tags or after being washed they simply didn't fit right to them anymore.

The next thing I noticed was their play habits. They didn't seem very interested in most of the toys they "had to have" in the store once we were home. When I asked them about this, I was told they are boring, the colors were chipped/faded after one play session or the one that infuriated me the most...it broke.

Another trigger I picked up on was monotony. My kids thrived when we had our routine nailed down, they always knew what to expect so we solved the fear of the unknown issue. Once they knew the routine though, they became bored which opened a new can of worms.

If you made it this far, I know you know what I am talking about and want solutions and answers just as bad as I did and that's why Doodlebugs is here.

Let me introduce you to luxurious feeling clothing, pajamas, swimsuits and shoes that calm the tactile sensory triggers and keep their fit as they last for years. Explore with me the world of hand-crafted toys and thoughtful puzzles that entice the imagination and engage the mind in play. Go on a journey with me to make the boring routine of dinner or bath-time exciting and a new adventure everyday. 

I've put together collections to overcome these common hurdles and many more. Delve into a new world of promise and excitement with me and my family while we continue to grow our collections along-side our kids and tackle new challenges together.