End Tantrums and Meltdowns

Is Your Child Screaming and You Have No Idea Why?

Nearly all tantrums are sensory overload. Here are some of the ways to lighten the load:

  • Softer fabric clothing
  • Shoes without inner grommets or seams
  • Bamboo pajamas
  • Softer fabric clothing
  • Toys that aren't loud or flashing
  • Tag-less apparel
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Over 98% of Stimulation Overload Presents as a Tantrum or Meltdown

I used to stand in front of my kids’ bedrooms in the morning totally defeated. I knew when I opened that door, it was going to be nothing but tantrums and frustration. Terrified, I would reach for that doorknob and the screaming would start. And it would last ALL. DAY. LONG.

At the time, I didn’t know my kids were being triggered by nearly every single thing they interacted with. It took me YEARS to finally get a handle on why these poor babies were so miserable just doing basic, everyday things. And when I finally solved their triggers (and wouldn’t ya know — every kid was different!)…once I fixed the problem I finally started to live in the fun, peaceful house I always wanted.

Take it from my years of experience: Tag-less organic clothing, bamboo pajamas, toys that don’t overstimulate — Each item on this website is sensory family tested and approved! Let’s make your house your sanctuary again…

Smiling Faces?

Those smiling faces are the reason Doodlebugs is here today. As a mom, just like you, I used to be lost when it came to helping my kids overcome their tantrums and meltdowns. It took me years to find the triggers behind their tears, it broke my heart to endure their daily defeat, it made me feel like a failure. Back then I wish I would have had a resource to turn to for help - so I made one. I have put together all the products, that literally turned our frowns upside down, in one place so you don't have to struggle like I did.

Learn from my past, trust me when I tell you we tried it ALL - we found what worked and what didn't. What I discovered was every child thinks and feels differently, what worked for one didn't always work for the other. As a family, we found a solution for each individual trigger and I'm here to help you do the same. It's time to turn your frowns into smiles.

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No Batteries Required

Toys that use batteries are typically loud or flashy leading to over-stimulation. Our toys are free of chemicals, toxins and batteries - plus they are made to last for generations.

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Time to Level Up that Security Blanket

Some blankets really do have super powers! Our blankets have temperature regulating properties helping to keep the body feeling just right - that means more higher quality sleep.

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